We have 3 stunning cars to whisk you away:  Millie the Morris Minor with her vintage chic and charm; our Old English White MK2 classic Jaguar to impress and our elegant, long-wheelbase, executive Jaguar Sovereign XJ in Indigo Blue.           


Morris Minor

“Millie” our 1969 Morris Minor convertible, is the perfect foil to our Jaguars and always brings a smile to people’s faces. With her Old English White exterior, red interior and red fold down roof, she offers something completely different as a wedding car and provides for great photographic opportunities with her roof down.

She is chic, pretty, cheeky, loveable or however else you want to describe her, but in the end she is just “Millie” – a great little car for a special day.



Jaguar Mk2

Our classic Jaguar Mk2 saloon is finished in Old English White with a Oxford blue interior. This 1968 model has a 2.4 litre engine and stylish walnut dashboard and door capping’s to complete the classic 60’s interior finish. Outside there is plenty chrome with the classic Jaguar oval grille, sparkling chrome wire wheels and bumpers to enhance the overall elegance of the car’s design. This is the Jaguar model made famous by Inspector Morse, though in our estimation it is a much prettier car in Old English White than the vinyl roofed maroon one used in the TV series.

Our Mk2 Jaguar makes an ideal car for weddings or other special occasions and fits in particularly to 60’s themed Weddings.


wedding car

Jaguar Sovereign

Our Jaguar Sovereign XJ is a long wheelbase version finished in Indigo Blue, and with its extra 6 inches of rear legroom over the standard saloon it gives more than ample room for a bride or bridesmaids to enter and exit the car with elegance, let alone riding in comfort.

The cream interior gives an airy feeling to the interior while the climate control ensures that the occupants will arrive at the destination with a minimum of fluster, having had time to time to luxuriate in the leather and walnut interior of the car.