We offer a bespoke uplighting (mood lighting) service to transform any room, hall or marquee. In fact, any location – inside or out. If you have ever been to an event which was professionally uplit, you will already understand the WOW factor this special lighting effect produces!

The chances are, if you have a wedding, anniversary or birthday, or corporate event, the venue and in particular the room itself may not reflect the mood or theme you are aiming for.

We can change all that for you!

By the use of the latest LED lighting technology we are able to transform your venue to just about any colour you choose – or a combination of colours if you are feeling particularly imaginative. Different parts of the room can be uplit with different colours, and we can even program the colour(s) to change gradually over time, to transform the mood over the duration of your particular event.

Our uplighting produces no heat and hence is safe for your younger and smaller guests!